Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Editorial Three: How to...Undo things

The second of the two new briefs is: How to...Undo things by Guy Browning featured in the Guardian' Weekend Magazine. The text focus upon how one could wish or need to undo things/mistakes and about how your mistakes can be a shadow on you judgement. It compares and debates how good it would be to have a button like the one on the computer - ctrl+z to just delete your mistakes. My idea is simply a shadow being erased with an ctrl+z eraser. 

Editorial Two: How to... be Conceited

Last week we where given two new editorials to complete together with the previous one - Why small victories matter. The first of the two new is: How to...be Conceited by Guy Browning featured in the Guardian' Weekend Magazine. The text focus on self adoration or rather narcissism and how it some people are self consumed by themselves. 
My idea is pretty straight forward a man holding six hand mirrors to view himself for every angle.