Thursday, 20 October 2011

Editorial - Why small victories matter

We were asked to make a quick rough for editorial - why small victory matter by Oliver Burkeman in The Guardian. It is about achieving small goals and how small goals can be more satisfactory as it is easier to achieve. It discusses that by taking on challenges in small pieces often wins over time and then gives a feeling of mastering. I chose to do a box of chocolates as mastering of something is often enjoyable and sweet. Also it has a surprise inside and it is a treat often used as a reward to oneself.   

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Cocktail Party - Christmas Party

Our first brief for this years course builds on our summer project 7 Characters. We are now to follow Saul Steinberg's Techniques at a Party (1953) - I am to host (and am to illustrate) a party of my own and my guests are my seven characters for Norse mythology. I found it only fitting as the guest are pagans to host a christmas party. The invitation specifies 'formal dress' but some of the guests have chosen to ignore this - as Hel - goddess of death only wear her hair...

Final piece 2 of 2 
Drawing inks

Final piece 1 of 2 
Maker pens & inked pens

Summer Project - 7 characters - Gods of Valhalla

As a summer project for our University course we were asked to do 7 characters - I decided to do them on the Gods of Norse Mythology - Gods of Valhalla

1 of 7 
Idunn - Goddess of Youth
Inked pens
Inspired by Gabriel Moreno  

2 of 7 
Freya - Goddess of Love
Water color & inked pen
Inspired by Alphonse Mucha

3 of 7
Hel - Goddess of Death 
Charcoal & water color pencils 
Inspired by Victoria Frances

4 of 7
Balder - God of Innocence 
Drawing ink
Inspired by Kereena Zerefos

5 of 7 
Loki - God of Trickery 
Marker pens & Inked pens
Inspired by Max Gregor 

6 of 7 
Odin - God of Wisdom - All father to all living
Inspired by Matthew Hollings

7 0f 7 
Thor - God of Thunder & Lightning 
Marker pens & Inked pens 
Inspired by Andreas Preis 

Exhibition June 2011